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Harry Eeman
Horizon Speaker - presenting The Patient Doctor

Harry was a young medical student when he was struck down by a severe form of Gillian Barre Syndrome whilst backpacking in Europe. He spend the next 2½ years in hospital, 5 months of which were spent on a ventilator, paralysed in what externally presented as a coma-like state except that he could hear those around him. After years of rehabilitation he recommenced his studies and completed medicine as a quadriplegic which required overcoming a number of physical and attitudinal barriers. Eventually he graduated with honours and subsequently completed two postgraduate specialist qualifications. He hopes to be able to inspire people who face similar obstacles in their lives by working as a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician. He also works to empower people suffering from chronic pain and is now the acting Clinical Director of a large chronic pain management unit in a major metropolitan in hospital in Melbourne. All of this he juggles with living independently and trying to be the best father he can be to his two year old son.

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Tim Leeuwenburg
Workshop Presenter & Speaker

I am a Rural Doctor on Kangaroo Island, South Australia with interests in emergency medicine, anaesthetics & trauma. When not working I enjoy fiddling with chainsaws and seakayaking. Along with partner Patricia we rehabilitate orphaned wildlife and devise roadkill recipes. Areas of interest include difficult airway management outside of theatre (rural-ED-ICU), human factors, use of crisis checklists and "guerilla" sim training. Speaker at SMACC and an enthusiastic return facilitator for airway workshops at SSEM.

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Andrew Perry
Workshop Facilitator & Speaker

Dr Andrew Perry is an Emergency Medicine physician with a sub-specialty focus on Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine. He currently splits his time between working at the Royal Adelaide and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals and MedSTAR, the South Australian retrieval service. Andrew has interests in medical education, medical politics and clinical governance. He has held a number of state and national advocacy roles with several organisations including the Australian Medical Association, the Australian Medical Council and the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.

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Andy Buck
Workshop Facilitator & Speaker

Andy is the co-creator and current director of the Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) Course. He currently works full-time as an Emergency Physician at the Royal Darwin Hospital and recently completed an 18-month project as Education Consultant to the Royal Children’s Hospital Trauma Service in Melbourne. Andy has a strong interest in “top-end” (northern Australian) health, trauma, inter-disciplinary education, training and relationships and is passionate about teaching others how to function as effective team leaders and team members in the resus room.

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George Douros
Workshop Presenter & Speaker

(Old) Emergency Physician, (toddler) retrievalist, (infant) investigator for the coroner - who for his own sake likes to read extensively about things that profoundly confuse him and then dumb it down to a 20 minute powerpoint presentation ending with a single-page summary algorithm that is designed to change what you do.

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Christine Jorm
Workshop Presenter

Christine is a former anaesthetist and a current teacher and researcher in patient safety. Christine’s interests are broad, recent publications including interprofessional education, simulation, use of mobile phones in health, infection control and clinician engagement. She has co-authored the three recent Grattan reports on hospital safety and quality. Her book, ‘Reconstructing Medical Practice’ examined why doctors are limited in their ability to admit to error or engage with the system. She believes that regulation is a limited approach to ensuring good care but rebuilding organisational engagement - with relationships underpinned by data is possible.

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Ken Roper
Workshop Presenter

Ken is a consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. He commenced training in Sydney in 1984-1990 and completed it with a very busy three years in the NHS. Ken has been in both private and public practice in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney since 1994. He trains registrars and medical students, particularly in the fine art of Obstetrics. He has seen many changes in obstetric practice in his professional life: including the abject avoidance of caesarean section in the UK, the move from forceps to vacuum delivery, the ultrasound demonstration of levator avulsion, expansion of prenatal investigations, advancing maternal age, obesity, the rise in maternal-request caesarean delivery, and a renewed push to achieve 70% vaginal birth rates in the public sector, but still, stuff happens.

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Neil Ballard
Workshop Presenter

Neil is an emergency physician from Sydney, at NSW Ambulance (Greater Sydney Area HEMS), Sydney Children's Hospital, and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He's worked in prehospital and retrieval medicine for the last 20 years, primarily in NSW but also in the UK, QLD, and the NT.

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Kevin Lai
Workshop Presenter

Kevin is an Emergency Physician with special interest in Trauma and Simulation training. He also works as a Trauma Physician in an unique Tertiary Multi-disciplinary Trauma Department, caring for trauma patients from admission to discharge. Kevin is also the past chair of the ACEM Trauma Sub-committee and runs a simulation based multi-disciplinary Trauma Team Training course.

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Frank Bowden

Frank Bowden is Professor at the Australian National University Medical School and an Infectious Diseases Physician at the Canberra Hospital. His special research interest has been population health approaches to the control of infectious diseases (especially sexually transmitted infections). He teaches a course in Evidence Based Medicine and is a board member of the One Disease Foundation which is working in the Northern Territory to eliminate crusted scabies. His books 'Gone Viral - the germs that share our lives' and 'Infectious - a doctor's eye opening insights into contagious diseases' are published by NewSouth.

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Teresa Carrette

Best described as a venom ecologist Dr Teresa Carrette's primary research has revolved around Box Jellyfish and in particular those associated with Irukandji Syndrome. She has lectured for JCU and UQ and has a true respect for all things deadly and dangerous. Never one to stick to just one path though, she has also spent the last 16 years delving into the world of Television production and runs her own scientific production consultation company working in a variety of different roles for the likes of BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. Essentially her passion is enthusing people about the scientific world and finding ways to make science accessible to all through various media.

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Clare Skinner
Workshop Presenter & Speaker

Clare is Director of EM at Hornsby Kuring-Gai Hospital in Sydney, New South Wales. Clare is a proud graduate of the local public school system and completed degrees in arts and science at the Australian National University before embarking on a medical degree at the University of Sydney. Clare was a Junior Medical Officer at the Canberra Hospital before moving back to Sydney to undertake training in EM at Royal North Shore Hospital. Clare also completed a Masters of Public Health degree. Since attaining Fellowship in 2011, she has worked clinically across Northern Sydney and as Curriculum Advisor for the Sydney Medical School. Clare is interested in improving workplace culture in EDs and hopes to achieve this by advocating for increased senior medical staffing, building positive relationships in and beyond the ED, providing excellent clinically-orientated education, and mentorship of trainees and Junior Medical Officers.

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Tatiana Lowe

Workshop Presenter & Speaker

Dr Tatiana Lowe works as an Emergency Physician at Manly Hospital in NSW. She is the Network Director of Education for Northern Sydney, and is involved in numerous state wide emergency education initiatives.
She is also involved in both the planning and delivery of the Masters of Critical Care at Sydney University.

Ruth Parsell - Copy.jpg

Ruth Parsell

Ruth Parsell is an Emergency Physician at Nepean Hospital and a Retrieval Specialist at Careflight Rapid Response Helicopter based at Westmead, NSW. She has been playing in the pre-hospital environment in differing roles since initially joining NSW Ambulance prior to studying medicine. Eternally grateful that the 4 hour rule does not apply in the air…

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Bethany Boulton

Dr Bethany Boulton is a Queensland FACEM who has turned her attention to the important topic of physician wellbeing. She sits on the QEDSAP ED Workforce Wellbeing Group, locally the SCHHS Health4Life Steering Committee and in her own department holds the DEM Wellbeing Portfolio. When she is not travelling the world attending Physician Health conferences, she can be found using ingredients such as black beans and zucchini to create the perfect paleo brownie much to the disgust of her two sugar loving children. Bethany dreams of living in a world where active wear bears no stigma and Physicians thrive, not just survive

Greg McDonald.lrg.JPG

Greg McDonald


FACEM since 1988

Director of Emergency Care at Sydney Adventist Hospital; largest private ED in NSW Peer Support Examiner of ACEM; Member Private Practice Committee ACEM Committee of Management of ELS Course


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Friedrich Puhringer


Prof. Friedrich Pühringer, who is Austrian, received his Medical Degree from Medical School at Innsbruck University in Austria.

Professor Pühringer´s main clinical interest is patient safety. His research interests are within pharmacology of muscle relaxants, new reversals and neuromuscular monitoring as well as pharmacology of volatile anaesthetics. He also worked on supraglottic airway devices and focuses on difficult airway management and strategies in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. He is author and co-author of more than 90 original papers and several editorials and numerous chapters in various books. He has given more than 500 lectures at international and national conferences. In addition, Professor Pühringer is a reviewer for various international anaesthesia journals.

Janet Talbot-stern.jpg

Janet Talbot-Stern


Janet is an Australian who went to Medical School and trained in Emergency Medicine in the U.S.  She is a Fellow of the Australasian, U.S. and UK Emergency Medicine Colleges and has worked in all three countries. She is an examiner in both the U.K. and Australia and teaches on resuscitation courses in three countries.  

Janet has also co-authored an article on Falls in the Elderly in the MJA

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Tom Harwood

Tom is a FACEM who works full time at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. He has interests in clinical quality management, clinical redesign and teaching. His other activities include medical coverage for rugby union at a local and state level and helping his wife raise their four children.

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Sarah Coombes

Workshop Presenter

Sarah is an Emergency Physician who trained in the UK, but relocated to Australia in 2004. She has specialised in PreHospital and Retrieval Medicine for the last 15 years and is currently the A/Executive Director of Aeromedical Operations for NSW Ambulance. She is a USAR Specialist and an AusMAT Clinical Team Leader.


Stephanie Schlueter

Workshop Facilitator

Dr Stephanie Schlueter, is the Co-Director for Emergency Medicine at Peel Health Campus in Mandurah, WA, the Deputy Director and clinician at the WA Country Health Emergency Telehealth Service (ETS) and has been the Emergency Medicine Clinical Lead- for WACHS Kimberley since 2015. Born and raised in Germany, Steph’s love for Australia began on a school exchange in 1996 and after several years of back and forth to Down Under she finally moved to Australia for good after graduating from Charite, University Hospital in Berlin in 2007. 22 years on from her first Oz experience she is now an Australian trained Emergency Medicine Physician (married to an aussie bloke J ) with a passion for rural and remote emergency medicine education & training with a special interest in CRM, debriefing and learning conversations. Stephanie is a course instructor and director for a variety of emergency medicine courses and has recently written her own “The Rural and Remote Emergency Medicine Skills Course” for country WA clinicians.

When not in the hospital or touring for education across the country Steph enjoys exploring the outback via 4WD with her husband and their 4 dogs, “helping” with 100 sheep on the farm and going for a jog.

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